• Nathan Watson

GoToDigital leads Wadi Accelerator Session for Oman Tech Fund Program

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Our Co-Founder and CMO, Alex Sharpe, led a session on customer acquisition and marketing strategies with startups from the Oman Technology Fund (OTF), hosted by Hambro Perks.

The session was a part of the two-week Wadi Accelerator program by the fund, which aimed to help and aid early-stage startups in four focused areas: Growth, Mentorship, Market Access and Funding.

As part of the objective to improve growth and metrics, GoToDigital led a day which taught some valuable lessons about the importance of actually getting leads into your business.

“Most people don’t pay enough attention to the money-making part.”

According to Alex, “you can have the most amazing products or services but a channel to get them out there is a must. Customers simply cannot purchase something they don’t know exists. That’s when Lead Generation comes in to kick-start your business and create that initial momentum to get the snowball rolling.”

The session gave the opportunity for GoToDigital to share expertise on customer acquisition and digital marketing strategies, using real-world situations to demonstrate the often overlooked details of digital marketing.

In one example, Alex discussed the importance of having clear, measurable objectives and aiming towards them. Whether it’s sign-ups, downloads, purchases or enquiries, “vanity metrics” like clicks or impressions are as inconsequential as how good footballers look while running with the’s the actual goals that count.

Alex is a pretty big Liverpool fan. Just in case you can't tell.

The cohort attending the program included OTaxi, an on-demand ride-hailing app recently awarded one of three licenses to operate taxis in Oman, and Smartchoice, Pakistan’s leading price comparison tool for financial and insurance products.

Nick Churcher, Managing Director of Hambro Perks Labs, said “the program was an overwhelming success. There is something very powerful about sharing ideas and ways of thinking that transcend markets and cultures."