• Beth Hurst

Heydoc | Testimony

We sat down with our wonderful client Heydoc to chat about how GoToDigital has transformed their business.


Heydoc is a cloud based clinical system covering all the medical and admin needs of a medical practice. The system follows the full patient journey and is rapidly being adopted amongst clinics and practitioners across the primary and secondary private healthcare sector nationwide.


Christoph Lippuner and Mikael Landau are the co-founders of Heydoc. They are long term friends and have launched Heydoc in 2016 after selling their previous business to Just Eat. Heydoc was born from a deep desire to improve healthcare by providing practitioners with a powerful and fully integrated tool while improving patient communication.

What was the impact of working with GoToDigital?

"It had a significant impact on Heydoc’s online visibility overall. The launch of the campaigns generated a lot of new leads, including from abroad, but we also saw an increase in inbound enquiries through our website. GoToDigital have been great at refining the campaigns in order to increase our conversion rates while maintaining our CPC relatively stable."

How did GoToDigital fit in with your business?

"They are almost like an extension of our team and really work independently with little input from our end. Their updates are extremely insightful and really helped us better understand this side of the business, which we initially had limited knowledge of."

How did you find working with GoToDigital?

"It has been seamless from day one. They are very low maintenance, get on with their side of the work and very quickly grasped our business. It feels like they really have their interest aligned with ours, which is great."