• Beth Hurst

The 10 Twitter Commandments

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Like Moses for the digital age, our Social Media and Content wiz Beth takes us through her 10 Twitter Commandments…

At GoToDigital, we’re all about finding and retaining valuable customers for your business. One way to make sure your returning customers stay engaged and your potential customers aren’t put off by a bare social presence is by keeping your twitter topped up with terrific tweets.

It’s the perfect place to get across your unique brand, show off your products or services and interact with people within your industry. But it can also be a place where you can easily waste a lot of time without seeing many results.

Stay tuned for my top 10 Twitter Commandments that lay out how to build up a brand on twitter. But first, some housekeeping for any twitter novices…

The Twitter terms you need to know


Previously 140 characters but recently upped to 280. The space you have to send out short bursts of content to the world.


People who like what you're doing, so opt-in to see your updates.


Effectively reposting someone else’s content to your own followers.


Clicking the love heart lets someone know you like their post.


Your followers are the people who are interested in seeing what you post.

Direct Message (DM)

A private message you can send to someone you mutually follow. Unsolicited messages is casually referred to "sliding into the DM's".

Hashtag (#)

A way to appear to others who are searching for that tag. Especially good for events, and specific sectors.

Mention (@)

Mentioning a user with @ is a great way to tag someone in your tweet.


if you reply to a tweet, the original user will be notified and anyone that follows both accounts will see it.

Quote tweet

You can use this to reply to a tweet/comment on something for all of your followers to see.


This is the amount of unique views your tweet has got!


Engagements are the number of actions that happen as a result of your tweet, including likes, retweets, expands, plus link and profile clicks. Engagement rate can be used to deem the effectiveness of a tweet.

Beth’s 10 Twitter Commandments The ultimate guide for how to avoid committing twitter sins, as laid out by the social media savvy Beth. 1. Thou shall tweet a goldilocks amount - not too much, not too little, but just right. Spamming daily with hundreds of tweets decreases the quality of your account, while not tweeting enough means you won’t get the most out of twitter. If you’re tweeting something that follows on in quick succession, reply to yourself to prevent annoying people.

2. Thou shall use relevant emojis sparingly (if your brand allows it) to draw attention to important points. 💃❗️

3. Thou shall always tag anyone and everyone relevant to your tweets. @obviously.

4. Thou shall not use more than three hashtags in one tweet as it detracts from the overall quality. Thou shall never use pointless hashtags - they should always have purpose (usually to make sure your tweets gets seen by non-followers). #concise #relevant #purposeful

5. Thou shall stay on the pulse. Twitter is the most instant and reactive social media out there, so keep your eyes open and respond to what's going on now.

6. Thou shall use media whenever possible (images, gifs, links or videos) to improve engagement and stand out in the feed.

7. Thou shall track your efforts. How do you know how many people are clicking on your links from twitter? By using UTM parameters and collecting the info through Google Analytics. If you struggle to write these, use a UTM Builder.

8. Thou shall be snappy - just because twitter gives you 240 characters to play with, it doesn’t mean you need to use them all.

9. Thou shall like and retweet everything that mentions thy brand positively. If you have a response to a negative message then respond! Thy shall always reply - if someone asks you something, tweet them back. Although...

10. Thou shall use ‘quote tweet’ to put thine own frame onto either someone else’s content, or to show off something being said. It's an easy way to put your own spin on other people's content and amplify a message.

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